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Barry Abrams' divisive injunction

Yesterday, February 1, 2022, Barry Abrams filed the attached motion which asks the court to enjoin SBISD from proceeding with its scheduled election this May. To be completely clear in plain language: SBISD is having an election this May, and Barry Abrams wants to prevent it from happening.

Allow us to quickly summarize this wholly unpersuasive 498 page document in two quotes from its text.

Barry Abrams, opening remarks:

No question exists that violation of the right to vote constitutes irreparable harm. The “right to vote freely for the candidate of one’s choice is of the essence of a democratic society, and any restrictions on that right strike at the heart of representative government.”

Also Barry Abrams, closing remarks:

SBISD should be enjoined from proceeding with the May 2022 election for two Trustee positions

The best legal minds on the planet would be incapable of bridging the chasm between these two diametric statements. In fact, they read like statements made by two lawyers arguing each side of the injunction. Yet they are both right there, in the same document, authored by the same lawyer, Barry Abrams.

It is analogous to him saying "the sun rises in the east, then changes directions at noon, and sets again in the east." It makes no sense whatsoever to any rational observer.

Yet, Barry Abrams is insistent on disenfranchising every single voter in SBISD's upcoming May election using this preposterous argument that 'we must remove your right to vote in order to protect your right to vote.' He wants to prevent you from voting this May because he, through this damaged like of thinking, knows what is best.

The balance of this ridiculous argument is linked below without further comment. Yet.

Doc 27 - Injunction
Download PDF • 1.15MB

Doc 27-1 - Injunction Exhibits
Download PDF • 28.00MB

Doc 27-2 - Proposed Order
Download PDF • 165KB


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