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Caroline Bennett speaks out against Single-Member Districts

Trustee- elect Caroline Bennett responded to Save SBISD's request for comment on SBISD election procedures this morning, saying:

I have always been and remain 100% supportive of defending SBISD’s at-large voting system and will do everything in my power to fight it. I believe that is the best future for all children in SBISD. I will not stand for a Single Member District or any form of a hybrid system.
This past election proves where we stand as a district regarding the current lawsuit. Voters came out in record breaking numbers to vote for candidates that have been vocal about vigorously fighting our at-large governance.
I would hate to see SBISD, our home, torn apart by the manipulation of single member district boundaries leading to the possibility of predetermination of elections, providing a straight path for radically charged agendas to make their way into our schools, and create division within our district making it nearly impossible to set common goals and accomplish them.
I stand firm for keeping SBISD an at-large system by defending the lawsuit filed by Virginia Elizondo and Barry Abrams.

With Ms. Bennett's comments now public, we are pleased to be able to say, for the first time in eleven months, that a majority of the elected officials on the SBISD Board of Trustees have shared their candid, personal views on district governance, publicly.

We remain happy to publish any comments from the remaining timid three incumbents, should they ever decide to email us or discuss the matter on the record.

We maintain a website with the positions of each trustee here.


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