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Carter Breed campaigns with leadership of Pro-SMD PAC linked to George Soros

Editors Note: Save SBISD is not affiliated with this event. The slogan 'Save Spring Branch' seems to conflate our long established name with their efforts. Draw your own conclusions from that.

Yesterday afternoon, the Families 4 Every Child PAC, which is linked to George Soros, promoted three candidates for the SBISD Board of Trustees, including current Trustee Carter Breed.

Families 4 Every Child PAC announced their support for these candidates on Twitter Friday morning, moments before news of Soros' connection to their political action committee broke.

Notwithstanding this revelation, the PAC's host committee and all three candidates arrived on schedule and the show went on as planned.

Steve Rosencranz, one of the PAC's largest donors, spoke on behalf of Families 4 Every Child,

Mr. Rosencranz introduced three candidates by saying they "have a long history of engagement" with SBISD,

Mr. Rosencranz went on to lament today's "highly politicized environment", seemingly oblivious to the contribution his fellow PAC leadership has made to that environment.

The leadership of Families 4 every Child PAC is supporting:

  • Incumbent Trustee J. Carter Breed, Position 5,

  • Candidate Ed Kaczinski, Position 6, and

  • Candidate David Slattery, Position 7

Each candidate spoke for about five minutes each. Not one of the candidates mentioned the lawsuit pending against the district. Not one!

Of course, SBISD faces myriad issues besides the lawsuit, all districts do. Any candidate for any office should take every opportunity to lay out their platform fully.

But, to not even acknowledge the existence of Elizondo vs. SBISD as a major issue for Spring Branch is an act of political malpractice.

Perhaps this just wasn't the correct place for them to do so. After all, the largest donor to Families 4 Every Child PAC is a man named James Shaddix, who was present at the event. James Shaddix is politically active, pro-SMD, and a close affiliate of Barry Abrams. More on James in a future update.

At least two of the candidates at the event have shown a willingness to convert SBISD to a new election system: Incumbent Position 5 Trustee Carter Breed, and, Position 7 Candidate David Slattery.

Trustee Carter Breed has been involved in the lawsuit in his capacity since it was filed. He repeatedly refused to go on the record with his position on SMD versus at-large election structures, even though his colleagues on the school board did.

In private conversations from summer through fall, Carter Breed expressed a willingness to convert the district into five separate electoral areas, if needed.

Only after the board's attempt to cancel the upcoming election failed, forcing Mr. Breed to actually campaign to retain his office, did he tepidly go on the record 'opposing' SMD. We find this talk difficult to believe. Talk is cheap. Actions speak.

An even more telling action than his silence on the SMD matter was the one Mr. Breed took yesterday. Carter Breed stepped on stage with Steve Rosencranz at an event sponsored by the pro-SMD political action committee Families 4 Every Child PAC, to which Steve Rosencranz is a major contributor.

We feel like we need to say this twice: Carter Breed KNOWINGLY and PURPOUSFULLY affiliated himself with, and accepted the endorsement of, a pro-SMD political action committee. This PAC's first contributor is a man who lives 1,000 miles away from SBISD and is an affiliate of George Soros. This PAC's largest contributor is James Shaddix, a rabidly pro-SMD affiliate of Barry Abrams.

These are broadly known facts that Carter Breed was aware of before he made the decision to step on that stage. Yet, Carter Breed decided to take the action in the video above.

Carter Breed's actions speak louder than his words.

David Slattery, Candidate for Position 7, appeared on stage moments after Carter Breed. Mr. Slattery also did not address the SMD question at yesterday's event.

However, on August 2, 2021, David Slattery did address the SMD question, speaking on the record in support of dramatically changing our election procedures at a school board meeting:

David Slattery supports SMD conversion at SBISD board meeting as Silent Six stay silent

There, Mr. Slattery supported breaking the district into FIVE separate electoral districts, saying "I support an election process that includes [two] at-large and [five] single member positions," the so-called hybrid system allowed under Texas law.

To his credit, David Slattery took a public position on the SMD question that August night. It took Carter Breed and the "Silent Six" half a year longer to eventually speak up.

There remains more to this story, and Save SBISD will have more updates coming.

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