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Courtney Anderson & Shannon Mahan elected SBISD Trustees.

Courtney Anderson and Shannon Mahan were elected to the SBISD Board of Trustees yesterday evening.

Courtney Anderson received 7,081 votes, besting her opponent David Lopez's total of 3.497 to win Position 1.

Shannon Mahan totaled 7.187 votes while her opponent Becky Downs accumulated 3,366 votes in their Position 2 campaigns.

10,624 people voted in this 2023 SBISD trustee election, Turnout was far lower than the record 13,670 votes cast in 2022 but greater than the 8,758 votes cast in 2021, a record at the time. Prior to 2021, SBISD elections had fewer than 3,000 voters in any given year.

The sheer volume of votes in the last three elections and their decisive margins of victory is a clear referendum on the direction the district should continue taking, including to vigorously fight Elizondo vs. SBISD all the way to the highest court in the land.

We have reached out to each of the Trustees-elect for their comment on the election and Elizondo vs. SBISD and will follow up with their remarks next week.

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