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Courtney Anderson supports at-large elections in SBISD

Courtney Anderson has reiterated statements she made during her recent campaign supporting at-large elections for SBISD Trustees.

In response to our request for comment about the election and specifically Elizondo Vs. SBISD, Trustee-elect Anderson said:

I look forward to improving student outcomes, getting parents, teachers and administration back on the same team and advocating for Spring Branch ISD in Austin.
I will fight to protect our at-large voting system. The top performing districts in the state of Texas all elect their Board of Trustees to at-large positions. We do not have to look far to see districts that elect single -member positions struggle, fail, and ultimately get taken over by the state.
Three of Spring Branch ISD's core values are Every Child, Collective Greatness, and Collaborative Spirit. All three of these values are best supported by the entire district having a say in EVERY election of EVERY board member, not just one vote every third year.

Save SBISD would like to extend our gratitude to Trustee-elect Anderson for her continued commitment to protect our district's form governance.


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