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Lisa Alpe, John Perez & Caroline Bennett elected SBISD Trustees.

In a second seminal election in as many years, Lisa Alpe, John Perez, and Caroline Bennett won their three races for the SBISD Board of Trustees.

Lisa Alpe received 9,015 votes, besting her opponent J. Carter Breed's tally of 4,400 to win Position 5.

John Perez won his 3-way race with a total of 8,744 votes and will serve in Position 6. Ed Kaczinski and Laura Mafridge finished with 3,707 and 870 votes respectively.

Caroline Bennett totaled 8,705 votes while her opponent David Slattery accumulated 4,295 in their Position 7 campaigns.

Almost 14,000 people voted in this 2022 SBISD trustee election, shattering last years then turnout record of 8,758 votes. Prior to 2021, SBISD elections had fewer than 3,000 voters in any given year.

The sheer volume of votes for these three candidates is a clear referendum on the direction the district should now take. Specifically, SBISD needs to vigorously fight Elizondo vs. SBISD all the way to the highest court in the land, if necessary.

Intervenor Jenny Morace was on the ballot in Position 7 for technical reasons, and rounded out that total with 335 votes. Every person that was able to vote in this election owes a debt of gratitude to Ms. Morace. Had she not intervened in the lawsuit last summer, it is unlikely this election would have happened at all.

We will have more to report on the Trustees-elect next week. For now, we at Save SBISD take comfort in the fact that these new leaders will continue to safeguard our district from the attack being brought on it by Barry Abrams.

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