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Lisa Alpe remains steadfast on SBISD election procedures

Lisa Alpe remains rock-solid on maintaining at-large elections in SBISD, including in her comments to us today.

Ms. Alpe holds the distinction of being the FIRST PERSON IN SBISD to go on the record against any change to the way SBISD elects its Trustees. Ms. Alpe addressed the then Board on June 21, 2021, 3 days after Barry Abrams filed Elizondo vs. SBISD in federal court.

In her statement to Save SBISD this afternoon, Trustee-elect Alpe said:

SBISD voters have spoken very loud and clear about the direction they want the Board to take regarding the lawsuit filed by Virginia Elizondo and Barry Abrams; our community knows that At-Large elections are best for the children of this district because all seven trustees work for the best interests of our children’s education.
Single member districts, responsible for the lowest performing districts in the state, are not the best solution for SBISD and I will vigorously defend our district in this lawsuit.
I have been steadfast and transparent in my position that I will fight this lawsuit in district court and any appellate court, if necessary. I will work closely with our attorneys to ensure we are employing the smartest legal strategy and will always advocate for what is best for student outcomes.

Save SBISD would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Trustee-elect Alpe for her unwavering efforts to protect our governance.

We maintain a website with the positions of each trustee here.


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