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SBISD lawyers make troubling filing

Moments ago, counsel for SBISD filed the attached document in response to Barry Abrams' attempt to delay the duly-called Trustee election, currently scheduled for May 2022. Barry Abrams had previously requested the court compel the district to delay its regularly-scheduled election to November, 2022.

The filing, by the districts own lawyers, states:

Defendants are nevertheless not opposed to the Court ordering the May 2022 school board election be delayed until November 2022

The filing goes on to say:

Allowing the current board to remain through trial (and until a November election) will best assure the continuity of the school district’s defense in this suit.

This is an egregious usurpation of the rights of the electorate, and we are simply speechless at this development.

We will gather our thoughts and provide some more context as soon as we can.

The entire filing is attached below.

Doc 32 - Response to Injunction
Download PDF • 271KB


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