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PROOF: SBISD Trustees initiated settlement talks in 2021

This document, filed today by Barry Abrams, is the smoking gun that confirms the SBISD Trustees initiated settlement talks in Elizondo Vs. SBISD late last year. It says:

Defendants initially requested that Plaintiff delay depositions of the district’s corporate representatives then scheduled to occur on November 30, 2021, based upon a District-initiated proposal and agreement that the parties confer about the potential for resolution of the litigation.

We have called for a vigorous defense of this lawsuit since the inception of Save SBISD. We have called on the Trustees to make a public statement on their positions on the lawsuit. Only Chris Earnest did.

It is clear that a majority of the Board, perhaps six of them, is more interested in taking this path.

You can read the document for yourself. It is linked below.

Doc 34
Download PDF • 2.54MB


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