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Third party attempts to intervene in lawsuit, responses due 9/20

Today, September 10th, the Judge ordered responses due on an expedited basis, and no later than September 20th.

Judges order :

Expedited Response
Download PDF • 285KB

This story is developing and will be updated.


On September 3rd, the attached documents were filed in federal court on the matter of Elizondo v. SBISD Board of Trustees.

The final paragraph of the 18-page motion reads:

Intervenor asks the Court to enter judgment that Plaintiff take nothing and dismiss Plaintiff’s suit with prejudice.

And with that simple statement, this brave Intervenor has now said more than six of the duly elected members of the SBISD Board of Trustees.

Motion to Intervene
Download PDF • 280KB
Proposed Order
Download PDF • 120KB


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