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SBISD Trustees discuss lawsuit in executive session

At 7:00 pm on Monday, June 21, 2021, the Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees met for its regularly scheduled monthly meeting. At 8:14pm, the Trustees retired to executive session to discuss pending litigation with their attorneys. This executive session was included on the agenda that was publicly posted at 3:45pm on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

An executive session allows the trustees to meet privately when sensitive matters like litigation must be discussed.

The board and their attorneys met privately for one hour and 42 minutes. The board resumed the public portion of the meeting at 9:56 pm and adjourned shortly thereafter.

SBISD regular meetings do not typically include an executive session. In fact, it has been at least two years since the board scheduled any executive session during their regular monthly meeting (perhaps far longer, we stopped looking).

Based on the facts that:

  • On June 17th, SBISD scheduled an atypical agenda item specifically pertaining to “contemplated or pending litigation,” and

  • On June 18th, a lawsuit was filed in federal court naming SBISD as a defendant,

One can reasonably assume that SBISD’s law firm received advanced notice from the plaintiff’s representation that this lawsuit was coming.

Save SBISD is hopeful that this apparent professional courtesy between law firms has allowed the board to get an early start on our defense. It is imperative that appropriate defense counsel is selected so that the district can mount the strongest possible rebuttal to this lawsuit. Save SBISD strongly supports any efforts to protect Spring Branch voters from disenfranchisement.

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