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Teachers unions join George Soros, meddle in SBISD elections

The Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers ("AFT") is actively working to influence outcomes in the Spring Branch ISD trustee election currently underway.

The American Federation of Teachers is a strong proponent of changing the method by which SBISD elects its trustees. The union went on the record pushing for SBISD to switch to Single-member districts in January, 2020, mere months before Elizondo vs SBISD was filed in federal court.

Save SBISD was the first to update readers on this development last June. Please take the time to read that update here.

This text message was sent to voters on Sunday, May 1, in the middle of early voting.

It clearly shows the teacher's union soliciting votes for Carter Breed, Ed Kaczinski, and David Slattery.

These are the same three candidates being promoted by a local political action committee that has been linked to George Soros.

The union-backed candidates are OPPOSED BY:

Position 5: Lisa Alpe, SBISD Parent

Position 6: John Perez, SBISD Parent

Position 7: Caroline Bennett, SBISD Parent & teacher

Each of Alpe, Perez, and Bennett is firmly and repeatedly on-the record opposing ANY change to our election procedures, unlike their opponents.

Save SBISD has not publicly supported any candidate in this race. But, we can say for certain that both the AFT and the local Soros-linked political action committee do NOT have any interest in maintaining our current at-large system of voting. This is your call to action.

With that in mind, please note that today is the last day to vote early in the SBISD trustee election. Polling locations are open until 7:00 pm today, and voting is quick and easy. You can vote with your driver's license at any of these locations until 7:00 tonight:

SBISD Administration Building

955 Campbell Road

Houston, TX 77024

Don Coleman Community Coliseum

1050 Dairy Ashford

Houston. TX 77079

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

7901 Westview - Youth Room

Houston, TX 77055

City of Piney Point Village

7676 Woodway Suite #300

Houston. TX 77063

John Knox Presbyterian Church

2525 N. Gessner Rd.

Houston, TX 77080

Please have every member of your family take 5 minutes to cast their vote today!

Last year, the AFT supported Virginia Elizondo in her failed 2021 campaign against Chris Earnest.

After losing her 2021 campaign, Ms. Elizondo promptly sued the school district in federal court, seeking to disenfranchise over 80,000 voters in SBISD.

Ms. Elizondo is represented in this lawsuit by Barry Abrams, the former Chairman of the Spring Branch Education Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization ostensibly created to help the district.

Mr. Adrams is representing Ms. Elizondo's idealogical crusade on a pro bono basis, meaning he is doing so without a fee.

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